about weighted blankets

What you’ve heard is true and actually backed up by science. The weighted blanket helps ground your body, making you feel secure and calm. This pressure is effective for people with anxiety, autism, ADHD, insomnia and people who are just looking for a little “get-away” from their common day-to-day stress.


100% Cotton, Minky Outer Cover


60 in x 80 in


15 or 20 pounds


Inner and outer cover

jm weighted
blanket features

Minky top layer

It’s impossible to resist melting under our soft, minky outer layer. This outer layer is removable by the simple ties located on the inside of the blanket. It’s washable and the highest quality.

Evenly spaced glass beads

Don’t worry about having the beads bulk up in certain spots. Thanks to the frictionless, glass beads, the JM weighted blanket keeps the weight spread evenly across the entirety of the blanket.

The JM blanket has micro glass beads sewn between the quilted cotton layers to create the evenly distributed weight that will never clump.

Cool inner layer

Our inner layers are 100% cotton to keep the air flowing through so you can stay fresh and cool. We use the highest quality stitching to separate the weighted blanket inner layer into a quilted square pattern. This ensures the weight is always evenly distributed.


The JM Weighted Blanket hugs you with even pressure so you fall gently asleep. The evenly distributed weight helps induce positive neurotransmitters that keep you in a restful state throughout the night. Say good-bye to waking up 20 times throughout the night!



Feel the difference with a JM Weighted Blanket, because we provide the best quality weighted blankets. There’s nothing worse than toes sticking out the bottom of blanket that's too short! That’s why we made sure all of our blankets were long enough for most people. A generous 60 inches by 80 inches is enough to cover most people on the tall side and cozily wrap up anyone smaller.



One of the biggest benefits of a JM weighted blanket is the increase in blood circulation. Good blood circulation provides oxygen to the brain and muscles which can actively help with muscle recovery. Good circulation also promotes healthier skin! Be your best self with improved sleep and healthier skin just from using a JM Weighted Blanket.


our story

Over the past 10 years, we have been helping children with special needs in high school and through Easterseals. Through this time, we saw firsthand many children with hyperactivity and sensory disorders find a state of calmness when under a weighted blanket. It actually worked wonders!

We quickly realized that there were many areas of the weighted blanket that could be improved upon. The actual design made them impossible to clean, so we implemented the easy, removable machine wash and dry cover. We used luxury soft minky for the outside cover to make you feel so cozy and secure when using our weighted blankets.

We started to see that the benefits could help anyone, too. Men that have trouble sleeping, overworked moms that need a break from the stress, college students that stay up late hours studying. Anyone could benefit from something that helps manage stress and anxiety and promote restful sleep!

Our hope with JM Weighted Blankets is that it will give you the rest, the relaxation – or whatever it is you need – to set aside your stresses and anxiety and get a restful night of sleep so you can start living a more fulfilling life.