JM Weighted Blankets Introduces “Free”

Those of you who feel that you are held captive by your anxieties, your worries, your stresses, your day to day struggles…

Those of you who find yourself wondering each day if life will EVER get better…

Wondering why you can’t have just ONE day where you can feel free…

You know that you aren’t living the life you deserve…

Feeling Trapped

And each day that passes, you only feel more trapped…way more stuck than you did the previous day…

Because EVEN if you did decide to make a change, you wouldn’t even know where to start…

Let’s consider today the day that everything begins to flip around. The day that you make a promise to yourself that you will make sure to take a forward step each day…even if it’s the babiest of steps. Consider today the day that you start to see glimpses of FREEDOM in your life.

You might be wondering “OK, cool…yeah you can say it’s so easy to flip my life around, etc, etc but you don’t know how it actually feels to be me”?

No, I don’t know your exact situation but what I can tell you is that I do understand the feeling of not being “free”…the feeling that things will NEVER get better or turn around for me.

“I’ll be broke forever…

I’ll never be able to drive without having a panic attack ever again…

I’ll always wake up sad and have to peel myself out of bed…

I’ll never find my purpose…

I’ll never be completely happy…”

Fill in the blanks with whatever you tell yourself every day, but then can you do me a favor and cross it out? Cross it out, and start to change the way you speak about yourself today.

Change the Way You Speak About Yourself

Seriously, I mean it when I say that I’m not writing this just for you- it’s for me, too. I need you all just as much.

We all deserve more.

I found for me, that the first step was admitting all the areas I know I wanted/deserved improvement. I pointed out all those neglected and lacking areas. I put them into the light.

And, I wish I could tell you that my whole life turned around then and there but I’d be lying…

I’ve had to work (and still am working!) hard…

I’ve had to remind myself each and every day what I deserve and that I was fully capable of grasping that.

Finding a Community

Another piece that I quickly realized I couldn’t do without, was a community. A community of people that believed in me…people who were going through the same struggles and could hand over some advice or even just a shoulder to cry on when I was feeling beat down.

I promise you that you NEED a community of people that love and care for you. People you can trust to listen and offer advice when you need it most. A community that reminds you that you are NOT alone in your anxieties, stress, anger, whatever it may be…

You need people who are there for you.

And that’s what I want this group to be for you.

Now, if you read this whole thing- I love you. A lot. I’m a really passionate writer and feel so free when I write. It’s my happy place, so sometimes I do get carried away.

I hope you can sense the sincerity in my words and believe that you can change your life.

Help me, help you…

Let’s do this together because again- I’m nowhere near where I want to be but I know the importance in community and have just as much learning to do from you.

I’m just so excited for what is in store for all of us. We all deserve to be FREE; free from whatever is holding us captive.

JM Weighted Blankets

JM Weighted Blankets is a company my fiancé and I started.

We started this company because of the benefits weighted blankets were bringing to the autism community. From volunteering/working in elementary special education classrooms, Easterseals Nebraska and organizations through my college, I’ve grown such a deep passion for children and adults with special needs. I really want to put an emphasis on special because these people are so, so special.

Now, weighted blankets are starting to make their way into many other categories which I find incredible because I seriously believe in the impact a weighted blanket can make in someone’s life- even if it seems like a measly blanket couldn’t do so.

Much more than a Weighted Blanket Company

I want to quickly say that JM Weighted Blankets is so much more than a weighted blanket company.

There are daily things we forget about that all cause stress.  Things like sleep, organization, coping mechanisms, productivity, etc. All things that a weighted blanket can help with. But so can just changing your mindset!

At its core, JM Weighted Blankets is a business built to make peoples’ lives better…and, we couldn’t think of a better way to add to that than create a community like this where people can come to get our daily tips on stress relief, better sleep, how to cope with anxiety…but ALSO for you all, as the community, to share daily experiences that may lift up another person and make their life brighter.

I created this group because I truly feel that there is an anointing on my life to help others become the people they know they should be.

I’ve lived a lot of my life pretending or thinking I’m someone that I’m not…

I’ve lived a lot of my life thinking that this is just the way life is, and I better get used to it.

If you find yourself agreeing with those statements, tell yourself “NO”…because that’s what I tell myself every time that thought crosses my mind. It’s NOT true, and you no longer have to believe that.

Today is a new day. A new life for you.

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